NAP-Fluo Showed up on 16th CACLP

NAP-Fluo Molecular Diagnostic System showed up on 16th CACLP in Nanchang, China, from 21st to 24th March.

The system consists of three parts: NAP-Fluo Cycler, NAP-Fluo Tube and reagents.

NAP-Fluo Cycler, incorporated modules of nucleic acid purification, PCR amplification, fluorescence signal excitation-collection-analysis, reporting system and user friendly interaction interface, is creatively designed and devoted to simplifing nucleic acid-d companion diagnostic tests, minimizing manual intervention and ensuring the accuracy and stability of detection results simultaneously.

NAP-Fluo Tube for single use, innovatively integrated with micro-pipetting arm and reagent tubes distributed on a concentric circle,  is structurely sealed from contamination. The micro-pipetting arm, acvatived by NAP-Fluo Cycler, executes preset assay program by suction, drainage of reagent and systematic movement in polar coordinates motion mode without leakage.