MerlinBiomedical | 2021 Chongqing CACLP exhibition came to a successful end



2021 The 18th China International Laboratory Medicine and Blood Transfusion Instrument Reagent Expo (referred to as "CACLP") and the first China International IVD Upstream Raw Materials and Manufacturing Circulation Supply Chain Expo (referred to as "CISCE") were successfully concluded at Chongqing International Expo Center on March 30, 2021.

A total of 1,188 enterprises and more than 100,000 people participated in the three-day CACLP·CISCE, demonstrating to the world the "intelligent manufacturing, speed and innovation" of China's in vitro diagnosis industry.

Wonderful review

In the MerlinBiomedical booth, came to consult an endless stream of personnel, and our staff warm negotiations.


At the exhibition, the MerlinBiomedical team focused on our projects such as POCT (Novel coronavirus rapid test), blood drug concentration monitoring, molecular diagnosis, genetic testing for guided drug use, and sample pretreatment, especially during this epidemic period. MerlinBiomedical nucleic acid extraction reagent and MagXtractor automatic nucleic acid extraction instrument, as star products, attracted more than 3,000 people to visit, and won a continuous stream of inquiries and high praise from the audience.

MerlinBiomedical is committed to the research of precision medicine innovative overall solutions and nucleic acid detection overall solutions, and has maintained good cooperation with more than thousands of domestic and foreign customers in this field. We will continue to do a good job of nucleic acid molecular detection and blood concentration monitoring related reagents, instruments and supporting consumables independent research and development and production, to provide our customers with high-quality products and services.