Unstoppable, MerlinBiomedical four COVID-19 testing products passed NMPA/FDA/CE certification


Since the outbreak of COVID-19 and its global spread, MerlinBiomedical has stood together with the world and rapidly developed a full set of auxiliary detection tools for COVID-19 detection with its strong research and development strength - automatic nucleic acid extraction instrument, nucleic acid extraction reagent, disposable sampler, disposable virus sampling tube. These products have all obtained NMPA, FDA, CE certification, MerlinBiomedical, with products, to fight the COVID-19 pandemic at speed.

Relevant certificates show NMPA approval

FDA approval


CE certification



Product features

Disposable sampler

Three models: N150 (sampling site nasopharynx), O150/T150 (sampling site oropharynx)

The product is valid for 24 months

Disposable virus sampling tube

Inactivated type (G01/G04)

Non-inactivated type (G02/G03)

Nucleic acid extraction reagent

Magnetic bead method for nucleic acid extraction

For the extraction, enrichment and purification of total nucleic acids (DNA and RNA)

Store at 0-40℃

Automatic nucleic acid extractor

High throughput, 48 samples can be processed at a time

Suitable for all kinds of samples: swabs, blood, stool, sputum, etc

Open platform, suitable for various magnetic bead method to extract reagents

Product display


① disposable sampler

Model: O150, N150



② One-time use of virus sampling tube

Model G04


③ Nucleic acid extraction reagent

Model H03


④ Automatic nucleic acid extraction instrument

Model: MX-48



Despite the dangers of the epidemic, we dare to stand up for the current

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